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Swim Parkas by Terry Rich

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Swim Parkas

Using Swim Parkas and Swim Robes

If you are a women looking for a swim garment to wear to and from the water you can be forgiven if you are little confused with terminology. Truth is there are many names given for this area of clothing. You may be looking for a swim parka, a squad jacket or a swimming robe. Maybe you are searching for a boat coat or a swimming hoodie? Most of these garments are designed to offer warmth (or thermal insulation if you want to sound fancy!) for people before they compete in the water. They are usually made from a synthetic yarn that works very well for warmth & comfort. For the most part they are traditional jackets and hoodies with slight modifications for water environments including splash proof outer shells, longer length hems and large warm pockets.

Unfortunately however very few of these swim garments are designed to deal with actual wetness after water activity. The poly or poly blend fibres of traditional swim parkas are usually non-absorbent. This means fully towelling down before putting them on which is OK, but requires a two step process plus two items to carry (the parka and a towel). Traditional swim parkas are also not usually designed with style as a key criteria. They tend to be boxy, bulky and oversized. For professional athletes this styling and these features may be perfectly OK but for the everyday swimmer they can be a little off the mark. Ideally we want a garment in which we look & feel smart in as well as that dry us off after our swim - a swim garment that is an all in one solution for our water activities.

Herein lies the most significant difference between traditional swim parkas and jackets and our swim parkas & swimming robes. Terry Rich swim parkas are cut and sewn from thick, absorbent 100% cotton towelling. The cotton towelling achieves the warmth and comfort of the traditional parkas style garments but critically are also highly absorbent. So they warm, coverup and dry and they are one of the only swimming garments on the market that do so. Our swim parkas can be put on straight from the water as they act just as a high quality towel would to dry you down. They are also designed and tailored by fashion professionals so they look and feel fabulous on.

We are proud to have designed and produced these unique swim parkas & robes for after swimming and encourage you to consider the benefits they offer for your water activities. If you are interested to browse and shop the range please click though to our webshop at www.terryrich.com.au.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss which swim parka or swimming robe will be best for you please contact us anytime on enquiries@swimparka.com.au

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